Month: June 2014

A Beginning

I’m often stirred by intelligent conversation.  The kind of talk that excites two people bringing them closer together, sharing, drifting together on the ether being better for it by the time you let go and go your separate ways.  Intelligent people travel in all walks of life, and that you see is the beauty of Second Life.  You can talk to many different people, learn of their cultures, experience the nuances of language right from the comfort (or discomfort, depending on how bad your desk chair is) of your own home.

SL is an experience of humanity at its core.  From its height to its depravity, the sense of discovery is only bounded by the strength of your imagination and personal inhibitions.   This blog is an attempt by myself to take a look at what is going on, and from my perspective, write a narrative expressing the journey, the ups and the downs.

We shall see where it goes.