So apparently I am MoonStalker.. or whoever…

So today I’m standing around in SL.  Something I do as it is of course.  I tend to go to places where there are people, read people’s profiles.  Ballrooms in SL are always filled with people so I put on my suit and start reading people’s profiles when I come across a well written exposé on the types of Men in SL… from a woman’s point of view.  So I strike up a conversation with her.  Things are going well then things start to take a turn for the worse.

(paraphased and protected for length, but you get the gist)
Her: What do you do for a living?
Me: I work as a professional writer.
Her:  Oh so what do you write?
Me: I write Fantasy Fiction.
Her: Oh so like Harry Potter type things?
Me: No I’m more of a classical fantasy, modern fantasy kind of writer.
(and here comes the kicker)
Her: Give me a title so I can look you up
So I give her the working title of one of my current projects.  Which she then proceeds to try and look me up on Google.
Her: Well you’re not this guy, it’s the wrong genre.
Me: I gave you a working title.  Not a current title.  But I work with the Ed Greenwood Group
Her: Oh so you’re Moonstalker then?  Must be.. I found such and such related to what you said.

Now, I understand curiosity and that what I do for a living is out there for the world to see, but really how would they have liked for me to look up their real life name?  Have access to their biography and where they may live?  I’m pretty careful about that information, and her approach really bothered me.

So.. to set the record straight.  I’m not Moonrunner, Moonstalker or anything like that.  Who I am in SL is Ty Winters.  Who I am outside of SL isn’t public knowledge.


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