Dating in SL Shaggy Style – Part 1: Contact

So today I was hanging out with a good friend of mine and we came to the conclusion that a lot of SL Relationships can be summed up by Shaggy songs. No, I’m serious! Considering how long the average relationship lasts in SL, mind you there are exceptions and I’m really glad they found someone special, but honestly for the most part I’m surprised that I got passed song #1, So here we go. The SL Dating cycle by Shaggy!


Hey Sexy Lady

This is the moment that he spots that girl hanging at the club, she looks so fine with the way she shakes those hips to the music. He moves his virtual self to get closer to her and then open up that Instant Message feature that is commonly referred to as… the naughty box…  and says, “Hi…”

yep best come on ever.

Surprisingly she responds and she’s checking him out and things start to get to flirty.

She’s thinking… Luv Me, Luv Me

He’s thinking… Wild 2Nite

Things are jamming in that naughty box, IMs flying away as each one becomes more emboldened until finally the moment of truth…

They add each other as friends.


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