Month: September 2016

Gaining perspective…

I know it’s been a while since I have actually written anything in this blog.  It isn’t for lack of desire, but more for lack of content.  I didn’t get online as much during the summer, with my RL commitments getting in the way and putting a damper to online life.

Despite it all, I managed to get online more in August and with that, I partnered someone I really enjoy being around, however that wasn’t really meant to be largely because I was very sporadic in my online time and I found it difficult to be relied upon.  I don’t consider any of it a bad experience and I think that as a whole her and I are stronger friends because of it.  But I see now I probably shouldn’t have jumped in the way I did and so I do apologize to her for not being the best I could be.

Relationships, regardless of what life you are in require time and patience.  Those of you who manage to make it work, I applaud you.  Choosing to be with someone in SL is no small thing, regardless of what anyone says.  If you do take the plunge, I think it can be a rewarding experience.  Be respectful of each other, be respectful of the situations you both have outside of SL and above all talk about things that affect you.