Gaining perspective…

I know it’s been a while since I have actually written anything in this blog.  It isn’t for lack of desire, but more for lack of content.  I didn’t get online as much during the summer, with my RL commitments getting in the way and putting a damper to online life.

Despite it all, I managed to get online more in August and with that, I partnered someone I really enjoy being around, however that wasn’t really meant to be largely because I was very sporadic in my online time and I found it difficult to be relied upon.  I don’t consider any of it a bad experience and I think that as a whole her and I are stronger friends because of it.  But I see now I probably shouldn’t have jumped in the way I did and so I do apologize to her for not being the best I could be.

Relationships, regardless of what life you are in require time and patience.  Those of you who manage to make it work, I applaud you.  Choosing to be with someone in SL is no small thing, regardless of what anyone says.  If you do take the plunge, I think it can be a rewarding experience.  Be respectful of each other, be respectful of the situations you both have outside of SL and above all talk about things that affect you.


What Is SL Really About?

I have opened a Facebook account for my Avatar and since doing so I’ve made quite a few connections with other SL people.  So between it, Flickr and now Plurk I’m feeling pretty dialed into all things SL related that don’t involve 80’s clubs and hair bands, or maybe they do.  you never know.

Anyway, a question was posed by a Facebook friend the other day about SL and being frustrated by those people who want photos of the person in real life and for her to voice chat with them.  He whole reason for being on SL is to have a place where she can socialize and express her creativity via the photos she creates, so what difference does it make if she doesn’t want to give out those kinds of details or participate in  voice chat?  Does a person need to prove their sexuality to participate in SL as the avatar which is displayed for everyone to see?

Personally, I don’t care if a person voice chats or shows what they look like in real life.  I’m not treating SL as a meet and greet place to find true love.  Most of the people live hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from me (consequently, this person lives only miles away from me, which I find rather amusing but I digress).  Why would I pursue anything with them beyond SL?  Beyond the face value of their avatar.  Do I like talking to them?  Do I enjoy their company? If the answers to those two things are yes, then that’s 90% of the whole social side covered.

This brings to mind the question; what are people using SL for?  If there are here for a creative outlet, good for them! I’m always amazed by the creators and creativity that is on display in SL and a number of photographers show it off very well.  People like Nimoe Constantine, Pretty Parkin, Skip Stahelli, Skippy Beresford and Trinetty Skytower  all produce stunning visual showing off the various creations that other users create to be worn or used in Second life.

If however they are trying to use SL as some sort of dating service, they are really missing the reason for SL to be around.  If you’re looking for that special someone, wouldn’t Match.com be a better choice?  You could find people who are actually in your area!  I’m not saying that love doesn’t flourish on SL, or that there is no emotional connections made there, quite the contrary.  But I see that more as an outcome of interaction, rather than the whole reason for being there.

Anyway those are just my thoughts, my opinion on the matter.  I’m sure there are people who will agree, or disagree.  But that brings me full circle back to what brought this paragraph on in the first place.  For whatever reason you use SL, be it a creative outlet, a place to meet people from around the world, or even a place to find love, the bottom line is, respect someone’s wishes and don’t question why they do the things they do.  Just accept their decision and carry on with your SL, be it with them or without them.


I’ve had a bunch of stuff in my inventory that I’ve never really worn.  Hair from Wasabi Pills when I had the notion to try RP in SL, leather biker pants from Lapointe and Bastchild and aviator boots from Gos. So I decided to just dress myself up in it, find a location and take a pic. The skin I’m wearing is 7 Deadly S{K}ins and is called Shane in the Taupe skin tone, once again I can’t say enough about the body detailing.

I found this location, Tableau to be perfect if you want to take a pic in a somewhat dilapidated, Southwestern US/Mexican backdrop.  There are a lot of stores here too.  Check it out!


7 Deadly s{K}ins – Shane v1 taupe
Wasabi Pills – Orion Mesh Hair – Black coffee
22769 ~ [homme] – Leather Bracelet Black/Silver (r)
etham – Metal Cross # 2 [long]
L&B Mesh Leather – Mens Zip Ribbed Black Pants
Slink Avatar Enhancement Relaxed Hands
Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
[CheerNo] Glasses Aviator_Gold.Black Refletion
[Gos] Aviator Yeager Boots

Dating in SL Shaggy Style – Part 1: Contact

So today I was hanging out with a good friend of mine and we came to the conclusion that a lot of SL Relationships can be summed up by Shaggy songs. No, I’m serious! Considering how long the average relationship lasts in SL, mind you there are exceptions and I’m really glad they found someone special, but honestly for the most part I’m surprised that I got passed song #1, So here we go. The SL Dating cycle by Shaggy!


Hey Sexy Lady

This is the moment that he spots that girl hanging at the club, she looks so fine with the way she shakes those hips to the music. He moves his virtual self to get closer to her and then open up that Instant Message feature that is commonly referred to as… the naughty box…  and says, “Hi…”

yep best come on ever.

Surprisingly she responds and she’s checking him out and things start to get to flirty.

She’s thinking… Luv Me, Luv Me

He’s thinking… Wild 2Nite

Things are jamming in that naughty box, IMs flying away as each one becomes more emboldened until finally the moment of truth…

They add each other as friends.

Accidental Tourists

One of the things I love about SL are the people you meet. One thing is for certain, since I’ve been doing more and more virtual photography, I’ve been making more friends and doing stuff I really hadn’t done before. One person who I’ve been getting to know is Gee, a fellow photographer and blogger along with her friend Manis. Well, today I was standing around the Builder’s Brewery, contemplating how lists would work in a script I’m writing, when Gee invites me to a sim to check out called Takeuti Town. The sim was incredibly well detailed and you literally felt you were in Urban Japan.

Well, one thing lead to another and of course, picture taking happened. I believe that Gee and Manis are both going to be blogging it at their blog [Our Everyday] so be sure to check out what’s going on with their fashion blog.

Take out, anyone?

We’re having takeout!

Credits (stuff Ty has on)

~Tableau Vivant~ Facial hair 01 A – Stubble
Egoisme Addon Beard1 Brown Bald
.ID. Light Sensitive Basic / Mesh Eyes – Insufferable Dastard
7mad;Ravens FIT 1Dean- Worn- Jeans
Action Inkubator 3D Base
Action Inkubator HAIR Jesse
Beach Sneakers -Creme- // *REDGRAVE*
etham – Metal Cross # 2 [Short]
Westbrook Shirt – ColdAsh
Izzie’s – Mesh Alpha Lashes
Nerd Glasses [SVT*] COLOUR 2.1 Scripted UNISEX
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – Relaxed
Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.2
~Tableau Vivant~ Sean Skin – Tone 05 E